Thursday, October 13, 2011

Andover day was a blast

We had not participated in any prior Andover Day events and I can tell you that going forward we will make it a regular part of our schedule for the Fall. Despite the constant threat of rain we never got wet. Better than that was seeing all our past clients who dropped in to say "you guys built my kitchen 10 years ago and it still looks great" or "you guys built us a family room that we still love". Sometimes I forget about the many homes and lives we have impacted over the last 21 years and it was fun to have some many pleasant reminders. We even had a couple of people come by our booth to let us know that while they had not remodeled with us they had purchased a house that had a Blackdog project done by the previous owner. They went on to let us know that is was always something a Realtor highlighted when showing the home. Thanks to all those folks who stopped by to say hello.

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