Monday, October 24, 2011

Appliance efficiency and cost

As a small part of my day job, I host a radio show on AM980 WCAP called ""HOUSE TALK". We  are on Fridays from 11-12 and then rebroadcast on Sundays. A fun and educational part of the show is having guests on the show from various home related business. I have had Dave Souter from Barons Major Brands a number of times and every time I have him on I learn something new. In a show we did a while back Dave shared with me the huge improvement in energy efficiency that has taken place in the refrigerator market over the last 10 years. In essence what Dave explained to me is that a fridge purchased today is about twice, yes twice as efficient as one purchased only ten years ago. I was blown away by this. Couple that fact with the fact that appliance costs have gone down over time and the consumer is looking at a win/win. Get a new better fridge that probably costs less that the one your are replacing and cut your electric bill in half! Not a bad deal. One caveat - in order for this to be a good move you need to avoid the temptation to keep the old fridge in the garage as your beer fridge! Let your appliance company take away your old appliance when they drop off the new one and the bulk of the fridge will get  recycled.

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