Friday, September 30, 2011

Kicking and screaming

Well maybe not kicking and screaming but, certainly not enthusiastically. This was my perspective on adding the job of Blackdog Blogger to my reasonably healthy "list of things to do".

Not to whine - I love my job and enjoy the variety of what I get to do as the President of Blackdog but, for years I have noticed Blogs that seem to start off strong and then fizzle. I am sure there is some techie phrase for this like blogus interuptus or something but, from my perspective if the content is not fresh and updated I don't really want to spend my time checking it out. Moreover, if we started a blog I certainly did not want to fall into the ranks of those who have fallen off the blogging wagon so it amounted to a commitment that I needed to be confident in making for me and for Blackdog.

While the rebuilding of our website was the impetus I also came to realize that our blog is an excellent venue to share the knowledge we have amassed over the last 22 plus years of running Blackdog. Additionally, it is a great platform for our employees to have a chance to share their ideas and information on the subject of remodeling. After all we have assemble one of the best teams in the remodeling business. Why not give them a place to share their great ideas and insights.

As a follower of our Blog you can expect great info on everything from smart and creative design ideas to how production systems make our projects run better. We will be bringing you our view on the remodeling world and hopefully help you make your next project more beautiful, more cost effective and a great experience to live through. Lofty goals - I know but, it is what we do everyday so why not share it.

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